Enter in the era
of permission marketing

Give maximum control

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Our inserts collect and store the consent of your users in the best possible way. With Axeptio, get out of the traditional checkboxes and maximize your opt-in on every page of you website by allowing your users to control thei advertising pressure: from channel to frequency and type of information.

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Engage your users

In the right place, at the right time

Instead of placing traditional forms ona few pages of your website,increase your users' engagement by catching their attention at the right time. Your interlocotur will undoubtedly be more interested in your communication.
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Customize with your own colors

Texts, Typos, CSS

Of course, our module adopts the style of your website.Texts, radius, sizes, fonts… Our widget adapts to your graphic charter.
We don't want your graphic designer to get upset!
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Avoid the erotion
of your database

Feed all your listings

Since the implementation of the GDPR, most companies have seen a decrease in their opt-in. From now on, it's necessary to convince and inspire confidence to obtain voluntary consent. Good news, our solution allows you to feed all your marketing listings while scrupulously respecting your new obligations.
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Synchronize with you CRM

We perfectly suit to your tools

Our permission marketing module speaks the same language as the software you use. In a few minutes, set-up atwo-way synchronization with your automation marketing tool or your e-mailing router.
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