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Shockwaves in the CMP world: the IAB's TCF protocol violates GDPR!

10th February 2022

The ultimate infographic for optimizing your opt-in cookie rate

Do you need to regain opt-in, to improve your cookie acceptance? We’re sharing you our best tips to guarantee a user-friendly experience, no dark pattern included. Today’s product news is an infographic.

Analytics tools: Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics (ga) is with the aid of far the maximum popular analytics tool in the marketplace and allows you to investigate internet site traffic and collect treasured information about user behavior. However, accumulating analytics data requires compliance with statistics protection rules consisting of GDPR. for purchasers and agencies who cost the privateness of their data, this is alarming. The query as a consequence arises: “is google analytics GDPR-compliant?” maybe now not. But a simple sure or no is difficult to present ...

Please welcome our 200 new cookies!

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GDPR : What are the differences between European countries on cookies consent ?

With this post, we take the opportunity to share you the most recent guidelines from EU national authorities. We'll try to update this consent cheatsheet if things change.

The New Cookie Rules and the Best Way to Follow Them

We’re sure you’ve noticed this when browsing on the Web. As soon as the page loads, a notification appears asking you whether you’re OK with cookies on the site.