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We have a challenge : how to maximize the collection of this consent without compromising the user experience

What was your experience with GDPR and other privacy laws?
Our data collection and analysis methods had to be adjusted, and we had to find the right partners (such as Axeptio) to ensure compliance with privacy laws.

It was my responsibility to deal with it.

I completely agree with that. It needs to be done in a smart way to avoid any hindrance for the user.

Now, you have to be transparent concerning your cookies and to collect prior consent. What impact will these obligations have on your business and your marketing practices ?
Since all visitors to our website have to provide prior consent, we have a new challenge on how to maximize the collection of this consent in a seamless manner, without compromising the user experience.

According to you, what is the benefit for your users ?
It allows them to have more transparency in how companies wish to use their data, and also gives them the power to refuse this use.

In this context, there are two schools of thought: Build versus Buy. Why did you choose the second option?
The legal side of our business isn't our core expertise. Knowing this part can change frequently, it makes sense for us to focus on what we can do to add value on a daily basis to our clients, and leave the legal part up to a third-party provider.

It is essential for both our customers and our company.

When choosing your solution, what evaluation criteria did you identify?
The various evaluation criteria focused on the size of the company, the customizability of the solution, and its ergonomics.

Axeptio has adopted an innovative approach : advanced UX design, fun wording, delay of the module’s display, maximum transparency. How important do you think it is to work on how to sollicit your audience and ask for consent ?
Our website is one of the first touch points we have with clients, so it needs to be consistent with our branding and UX.

What did you like the most about Axeptio?
Customizability of the solution, great UX, and responsiveness of customer support.

Last but not least, it's time for our NPS : Would you be willing to recommend Axeptio to your friends (BtoB of course)?

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