White Paper – How to choose your CMP ?

Axeptio’s clients share their tips

Do you need help looking for a Consent ManagementPlatform? Axeptio is chosen by a large community of publishers. E-commerce,media, institutional or corporate websites, agencies… They gave us their criteria.

Clients feedback more than a sales pitch.

CMP providers are now numerous. Each provider considers its tool to be the best. But what do clients want? How do they want to manage cookies? We have asked more than 150 clients and they gave us their answers. In this white paper, we show you relevant feedback to help you make the good decision.

An innovative GDPR view and perfect cookie management

How do they manage GDPR issues ? What criteria have they identified? All the answers int our white paper. 

We show you their most relevant feedback:
  • They look for a specific GDPR view and aneasy-to-install tool;
  • UXdesign is the key. Offering a bad user experience is unacceptable;
  • You should take the drama out of cookies and become trustworthy;
  • What makes the difference? The way we present cookies in a fun way.

Download the white paper for free (french version)

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