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Time to try Axeptio's recipe

GDPR requires prior consent before installing cookies.
To help you introduce your cookies in the best possible way to your website visitors, Axeptio offers an innovative and entertaining approach.
Our ingredients? Transparency, control, timing and fun!
Big or small, size does not matter when it comes to our solution!

You have control over everything

We adapt to your dress code!

Texts, pictures, fonts, sizes: everything can be customised in Axeptio so that the solution perfectly adapts to your site. We weren’t going to go against your graphic designer’s work!

Without sacrificing your business!

It’s 100% GDPR-compliant

Around Axeptio’s table, everyone is represented: Marketing, Sales, IT, Legal, Design... The objective: enabling you to comply with all legal requirements, without being a mood killer and by providing a user-driven experience.

Axeptio fits into your daily life

We respect your habits

Axeptio is not here to waste your time. Our solution integrates efficiently and quickly with all the tools you are already using such as Google Tag Manager, TagCommander, or Google Analytics.

We connect with all cookies, all advertising networks

Just be yourself!

We are not all the same when it comes to cookies. While some companies voluntarily choose not to overdo it, others completely own their overflowing appetite! Do not worry, we are compatible with all advertising agencies!

You are in good hands

Communication experts love us, your customers will too!


Managing your projects

Agencies need quick and easy access to their clients' different projects. Rest assured, we've got it covered!

Cookies have things to say...

Cookies express themselves in comic strips for our greatest pleasure 😊

They support us

They talk about us

it's easy and free!

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