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Build exactly what you need with Axeptio

Don't try to develop your own consent plugin. It's a mystake and that's why :

You have many other things to do!

Developers are already heavily solicited by thecompany's various departments. You naturally prioritize developments that have an immediate impact on the product and business. And that's normal! Modification of all forms, time stamping of consents, control center... behind this legal requirement there is an important project that will take several days of work. As for chat, authentication or payment solutions, use an external solution to simplify your task and save you considerable time.

Get rid of maintenance constraints!

All the code you produce must be maintained over time. You know it, this can raise some concerns in the case of a version upgrade or attack. By choosing Axeptio, you are sure to get the optimal availability of the tool: back-up, update, connectors... you will automatically benefit from the new features without even being involved on the code!

All consents,
at the same place.

On a daily basis, you need to have consolidated and segmented consents in the same place. This saves you from having to manage them from several interfaces (emailing account, information system, postal router…).With our Zapier connector, you can synchronize your consents with more than 1000 applications without having to write a single line of code!

Outsource your consents,
not your users !

Your user is anonymized, his consent is kept safe. We store user’s consents without even knowing something about him. It is identified in our database by an unreadable token. You’re the only one able to find the ID hiding behind. When our checkbox is displayed, we generate a secret key. This key is added to your website’s form, and its value is sent to your server. All you have to do is associate it to the user’s profile to retrieve its consents

The trusted third party:
a communication argument

By relying on a trusted third party like Axeptio, you will be able to comply with the new European legislation, but also communicate a responsible approach. In the same vein as the certified opinions, most brands put the native features of their eCommerce tool aside to privilege solution like TrustPilot or TrustedShop. The reason is simple: ensure customer’s opinion authenticity and trackability. It’s the same idea for your consents.

Sleep on
both ears

Every lawyer will tell you: GDPR is a real legal tsunami. There is completely erroneous information on the Internet that actively contributes to the current lack of clarity on the subject. By rushing alone in the adaptation of your internal tools, you risk missing the main point. Indeed, the legislator's requirements regarding information and ergonomics are such that it is easy to invalidate an entire customer base for a single failure during collection. A good application of the specifications is therefore critical for the company and it is a responsibility that is complicated to be carried out only by the IT department.