Well, rules have changed with GDPR
Time to respect and engage   your customers with permission marketing

GDPR imposes new rules for websites. Fortunately, Axeptio provides a compliant and accessible kit to make these changes in no time. It is also an opportunity to value your good resolutions in terms of transparency and control. And believe us, your users are waiting for that !

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GDPR Compliant

We take care of that ! Relieve
yourself of legal constraints

All in 1

Collecting consent, cookies management, data sharing, DPO identification …

Opt-in oriented

Maximizing your opt-in rate and
protect your databases

Fast installation

Made by DPOs,
Think for developers

It's easy and it's free

Yes, we knew you would love that !
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From startups to big companies, Axeptio adapts to you !



Big companies

Big trust in small widgets ... that's what we provide !

Reconcile your users with cookies

Internet users are suspicious of cookies. Yet most of them are useful for your customers. With Axeptio, cookies are presented in a clear and fun way thanks to 4 simple ideas : delay,  interactivity,  transparency and fun of course !
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Certified consents
‍at the heart of your forms

Our widgets collect and store the consent of your users in the right way. With Axeptio, time to get out of traditional checkboxes and maximize your opt-in rates by allowing your users to manage their advertising pressure.

Store the consents of your
contractual documents

General conditions of sale, NDA, license agreement ..., we provide a consent widget, with a PDF viewer that you can put in your website !
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Give control over data sharing

Our widget displays a list of your partners and explains what they can provide to your customers. And that makes all the difference !
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Your DPO deserves
a nice place on your website

Create an ID card for your data protection officer. Add it in your website to showcase your GDPR compliance and provide simple and direct access for your users. 
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Don't try to make your own consent platform, choose a trusted third party

As online reviews, don't stock your consents by yourself. By using Axeptio, you will be able to proove that your consents are authentics. 

Relieve yourself of legal stuff :
we do it for you

The law continues to evolve. In Europe, but also in France leaving some freedoms to certain countries. We stay tuned for you !

Hey, we love developers too !

We take care of the maintenance,
and you on your business !
Complete documentation
et technical tutorials
No need to touch your code,
with our ready to use plugins
We stock your consents,
not your users !

Axeptio, at your fingertips.

Step 1

Set up your widgets
(cookies, newsletters,  ...)

Step 2

Place your widgets
in your website

Step 3

Collect consents of
your existing contacts

Step 4

Synchronize your consents
with the tools you love

Easy and free

What are you waiting for ? 
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