Your customers are worried
about their personal data

Time to be transparent with our GDPR certified consents

Set up your first GDPR certified consent

Historized Consent

The law requires a data processing register.

A friendly website

GDPR complient and highlighting your respectuful way of proceed

Trusted third parties

Traceable and authentic consents.

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They talk about us

All we can do for you

Reactivation of customer databases

Many company are still working hard to collect lots of leads without taking time to qualifying them! That's the reason why we launched the first customer reactivation tool. From a simple Excel / CSV export, we generate personalized  links that you can use in a marketing campaign in order to optimize your customer databases (SMS, eMailing, ...).

Certified consents for your website

In a few minutes, you will be able to generate consents blocks in line with the GDPR requirements for your contractual documents (Terms of Service, Terms of Sale, NDA ...) as well as your advertising channels (Newsletters, SMS, Mailing). All of this, thanks to a multilingual interface, with preconfigured messages.

Hosting and exporting consents

Your certified consents are available in all yours tools
Such as in your eMailings application, automated marketing software, or a CRM. Of course, your users’ consents are encrypted and hosted in Europe by a French company.

API and plugins

You are using a content management platform? No problemo! We allow you to integrate our blocks in 1 click in your Wordpress and Prestashop add-ons. For custom websites, use our API or our Zapier connector to synchronize your consents with more than 1000 applications!


Online legal support

Within the team, Maitre Landat (our lawyer) helps you to set up your projects by giving you comprehensive advices. References to GDPR original text are clearly identified in our application.

Free updates, forever !

The law continues to evolve and Europe provides some flexibility to every countries. The ePrivacy regulation will soon strengthen the RGPD. Don't panic ! We are monitoring the situation very closely, so you do not have to !

Reliable information to protect you
from any complaints

You’re being audited by a supervisory authority ?
A client asks you for the data you have on them ? No problem !
Axeptio will export one file per day.

How does it work?

Step 1: Set up your consents
Step 2: Integrate our consent blocks in your website
Step 3: Reactivate your existing contacts
Step 4: Synchronize your consents with all your tools
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Build trust with your customers

In addition to starting your GDPR compliance,
you will be able to communicate on your responsible approach with personal data !
" I love theses blocks because I immediately know which one of my personnal data will be used and for what purposes! "
Christine Quelier
A user happy to be respected
"I love newsletters but ...
I really don't like being called without my consent. 
Armand Dubois
Happy to have the choice
"I don't like when brands contact me without my consent. So, I only buy from brands that respect my choice
Leonard Matoug
happy to buy incognito

A trusted third party

Axeptio takes care of collecting and compiling your users' consent
to guarantee its authenticity and traceability.

We take care of your consents,
‍not your users !

Your users are anonymized and their consent saved.

We store users’ consent without ever knowing who the users are. They are identified in our database by a token than cannot be decrypted. Only you have the ability to identify the user behind the token.

When your project is launched, we generate a secret key. When the form is called on your website, you encrypt the user ID (email, client ID, phone number, etc.). To decrypt the code generated, you have to know both the secret key… and the ID.

With Axeptio, take a big step towards GDPR compliance

Collecting consents, at the heart of the RGPD

Our consents are :

freely given
specific, for each purpose

We help you :

to map your personnal data
to export in real time you consents
to guarantee the security of the data collected, processed and stored
to document your protective measures
to list all your partners, that are able to use to your customers datas
to describe automated decision making

They trust our certifed consents

I immediately understood that it wasn’t going to be a piece of cake job. Regarding to the risks, we needed to move quickly. Axeptio is the most compliant and comprehensive consent form builder.
CEO at Lettershop
We really need to keep our marketing lists updated. Thanks to Axeptio, we saved our business by reactivating most of our consents. 
CEO at Smartlabel