The best way to (re)connect with your customers

By adopting Axeptio, brands begin a new relationship with their customers, based on transparency and trust. As GDPR has been enforced, our consent blocks send a positive message to your clients and will certainly save your databases from a predictable death.

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GDPR ready

All GDPR requirements condensed into one consent block.

Fast installation

No matter what dress code is,
Axeptio always dresses right.

User preference console

Reinforce your opt-in rates by letting your users decide.

Developer oriented

Designed by DPOs, Thought for Developers

What is Axeptio?

Certified consents at the heart of your forms

Our blocks collect and store your user's consents in the best possible way: they are reassuring, consistent, transparent, personalized, and sexy as hell! No technical skills needed, just drag and drop the blocks on your page and see them live in few minutes!

Transparent and rewarding:
your consents have a lot to say

Behind each of our consent blocks, a complete and detailed sheet: timestamp of consents, transparency of data collected, highlighting of the DPO, contractual documents... everything is there so you don't have to do it!

A compliant, sexy and convincing cookie banner. Finally! coming soon

The only effect produced by the cookies law? Users who are clicking 'ok' as robots. Instead of raising awareness, we trivialized. With Axeptio, cookies are presented in an user friendly way. Tested and approved by your customers!

Dealing with a trusted third party,
it makes the difference!

As with your user reviews, delegate your consents to a trusted third party. You will be able to comply with the new European legislation, but also communicate on your responsible approach.

Online legal support:
comprehensive advices all the time!

The law continues to evolve and Europe provides some flexibility to every countries. The ePrivacy regulation will soon strengthen the RGPD. Don't panic ! We are monitoring the situation very closely, so you do not have to!

We love developers too!

Hey guys! We perfectly know that you have a lot of things to do and that you never minded about coding a consent platform, right? Hopefully, that's our job! We are providing a simple, elegant, scalable and flexible solution around consent, so you don't have to. By eliminating needless complexity and painful tasks, Axeptio allows you to save valuable time.
Works on any websites, any devices, any technology
No maintenance required, focus on what matters!
Complete documentation and technical tutorials
No code needed with our ready to use CMS plugins
We take care of your consents, not your users!

What you need to achieve

Step 1

Set up your consents

Step 2

Install your consent blocks in your website

Step 3

Reactivate your existing contacts (optional)

Step 4

Synchronize your consents with your database and all your tools

We already take care of their consents

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