les relations en ligne, c'est comme dans la vraie vie

To keep our friends,
we have to avoid inflating them!

les relations en ligne, c'est comme dans la vraie vie

Pour se faire des amis
Il faut se dire toute la vérité

les relations en ligne, c'est comme dans la vraie vie

On a besoin de se sentir en
confiance pour se confier

Welcome to the era of permission marketing!

With Axeptio, learn how to regulate your advertising pressure. You will thus maintain lasting relationships
with real ambassadors of your brand. Welcome to the era of permission marketing!
Consentements granulaires
Au service du business
Synchronisation avec vos outils
Personnalisation graphique

Install a new house
for your cookies

Taste Axeptio's recipe.

A few months after the implementation of GDPR, the French regulator will publish new rules for cookies, requiring prior consent as for other marketing channels. Get a head start with our innovative, fun and user-friendly solution!
Synchronization with Google Tag Manager
Native integration with the
IAB framework

Enter in the era of
permission marketing

Give maximum control

Our inserts collect and store the consent of your users in the best possible way. With Axeptio, get out of the traditional checkboxes and maximize your opt-in on every page of you website by allowing your users to control thei advertising pressure: from channel to frequency and type of information.
All communication
with your tools

We don't change your habits

Axeptio fits into your daily life

Axeptio isn't here to waste your time. Of course, our solution integrates efficiently and quickly toall the tools you use such as Google Tag Manager, Tag Commander, or Google Analytics.
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Of course, it's 100% compliant

Without sacrificing your business!

Around Axeptio's table, all professions are represented: marketing, IT, legal, commerce, design... The objective: To enable you to comply with all legal requirements without being a love-killer, by providing the best possible experience for your users.

It's easy and it's free

We knew you would like it!
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