online relationships, are like in real life ...

To keep your friends,
you should avoid ANNoying them!

online relationships, it's like in real life ...

To make friends You have to tell each other
the whole truth

online relationships, it's like in real life ...

We need to feel safe
to confide

Welcome to the era of chosen marketing!

With Axeptio, learn how to regulate your advertising pressure. This will enable you to create lasting relationships with true ambassadors of your brand. Welcome to the era chosen marketing.
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Install a new home for your cookies

Taste the axeptio recipe.
A few months after the implementation of the GDRP, the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) will publish new rules for cookies, by imposing a prior consent as it has been done for other marketing channels. Be a step ahead with our innovative solution, which is fun and respectful of your users!
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Google Tag Manager
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Enter the era of chosen

Give maximum control
Our inserts collect and store the consents of your users in the best of ways. With Axeptio, remove traditional checkboxes and maximize your opt-ins on all pages of your website by allowing your users to control their advertising pressure: from the channel, to the frequency and the type of info.
All communication
with your tools
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We do not change
your habits

Axeptio integrates into your daily life

Axeptio is not here to make you waste your time. Of course, our solution integrates efficiently and quickly with more than 1000 applications like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Salesforce or Zendesk.
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Obviously, it's 100% compliant

Without sacrificing your business!

Around the Axeptio table, all professions are represented: marketing, commerce, IT, legal, design. The goal: enable you to meet all legal requirements, without being a mood killer, bringing the best possible experience to your users.

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