ManifestoOur stance on building Axeptio.

When we decided to create this company, there were no products or market analysis yet. We only knew two things:

  1. We wanted to become a renown B2B SaaS editor
  2. This company would be a reflection of our beliefs in terms of management and leadership

The historical co-founders (Laurent Thomas, Guillaume Diep, Delphine Dorseuil and Romain Bessuges-Meusy) met in the 2011-2014 period while working for Exaprint. These were exhilarating years of hard work and passion, contributing to the business growth and international expansion that ultimately led the company to being acquired by the biggest player in the game: Vistaprint.

It was nevertheless frustrating at some point, as we witnessed how division, politics, opacity and micro-management could harm the people and their motivation. We ended up believing in our ability to take away the best parts from this experience and improve upon what we thought could be improved.

This resulted in a list of ideas, mantras, principles that Delphine and Romain wrote down in their phones while enjoying a lovely weekend near Collioure, right before sending Romain’s resignation letter.

Our values

Applying our values is what helps us thrive, enjoy what we do , and ship our best work.

No individual goals but only collective ones
If a delay poses a risk to quality, it is necessary to change the delay
Transparency in wages, investments
Any idea must be expressed and will be debated
Do not confuse passion and pressure
Making life easier for employees
Mutual assistance between employees must be the norm and assistance must not be oneway
Trust is present by default
No schedules
The success or failure of a project is a shared responsibility between all the people involved in the project and not the only project manager.
The management of the company's money should be done with common sense as it would be with your own money (because it is also your money)
Seriousness does not exclude lightness
Any business creation initiative will be supported
Have a moral tax policy in line with our values
No precarious contract
Time adjustment for internship tutors and compulsory attendance at the defense
Company savings plan
Think about an effective internal communication system
Treat providers like employees
Quarterly and nonannual bonus system
The company is not a family, nor a passion
Minimum wages to be fixed
No too big difference between the lowest and the highest salary
Shareholding system to give shares to employees
No meeting between noon and 2
No compulsory work sessions, no meeting, no meals outside working hours
Validation by a core of strategic recruitments before the end of the trial period
No computer spying
Do not hesitate to pay to separate from an employee
Showers and bikes
Schedules arranged for mothers
Satisfied customers / happy employees