A user-friendly Consent Management Platform for your mobile application

Don’t hide your tracking tools anymore; Put them in the spotlight

Do your mobile applications require access to the users’ data? Are you using third parties SDK? So GDPR requires obtaining prior consent. Axeptio has an innovative and pedagogical way to de-dramatize data collection through your mobile application.

Ensure transparency, Enhance your mobile app

Does your audience know how your mobile application works? No? Don’t panic! Our widget is a great way to show third parties’ SDK. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to show how useful and how even beneficial they are to your users.

Of course, you can adapt it to your graphical chart and everything is customizable: the text, the size, the policy...

We are very proud to offer you this tool developed by our partner Digital Mate (La crême de la crême! If you need some help in creating and improving your mobile app’, contact them!).

GDPR becomes easy and fun on your application

Get ready for the Consent-as-a-service approach and give your audience the power. Our interface is user-friendly and users are clearly informed about the SDK. They will decide to accept or reject them and they can withdraw their consent at any point. Your persona becomes confident and involved.

Technical talk time

You can easily integrate our widget to a native or non-native mobile application.

It will work if your mobile app has been developed with:
  • Java/Kotlin
  • Objective C/Swift
It is compatible with the OS versions:
  • iOS 11+
  • Android 7+

100 % GDPR compliant

Axeptio’s widget complies with the CNIL’s guidelines about tracking tools. In fact, it  was already the case before the guidelines were published...