Now Live from Axeptio: Your Cookies Analytics!

Let’s open the hunt for opt-in! With our tool, you can measure how many users accept your cookies. And this allows you to evaluate and improve the performance of your cookie management solution, to optimize its configuration.

Only relevant indicators; only the best you need

You won’t be overwhelmed with lots of useless data. With our module, we offer you only what is necessary for you:
- The number of page views ; the number of unique visitors.
- The cookies acceptation’s rate ;
you can refine your measure with our filters : by terminal, by module’s configuration... And you can connect your API and access to our raw statistical data!

A must-have if you want to take the good decision

Your cookie’s acceptance rate is too low? Regain losts opt-in!
Measure the performance of your configuration. Find what works and what does not.
Organize A/B testing campaigns and find the best configuration.

With Axeptio, analytics become easy and visual

Numbers give you a headache?

Don’t panic. Find on your dashboard easy-to-read graphs. They answer to the most important questions for your business:

- What is my cookies’ acceptation rate?
- Do my users accept cookies more easily on their mobile or on the laptop?

It is 100% GDPR compliant

Axeptio’s widget complies with CNIL guidelines about tracking tools. This feature too! No hidden tracking, no cookie. We don’t collect individual browsing history. We process only anonymized data. All is ok, let’s go!

They support us